Short Stories are Fun

So when I moved to Eugene the only writing I had done was poetry.  But at my first job I met a guy who wrote short stories and he invited me to join in with him in writing on different themes and genres.  So I've been giving it a shot and I really enjoy it.  I like dealing with the emotions on drastic played out stages.  I think because they bring to light my own struggles that happen in smaller scales.  I've found that writing has become a passion of mine.  I have always loved stories and reading and now I can't quit thinking about how stories progress.  I'm meeting with a group of five guys on gathering our stories and possible putting up a website to showcase them.  I'll let you know if it happens.  Ultimately I hope people find some joy in the stories.  God gave us creativity and to be able to use it for others enjoyment is pleasant and seems right.  I'm not going to fill blogs with short stories, but I thought I would leave an exert from my latest story I'm working on.  Enjoy.

“Mr. Walker?’ the officer in front ask him.

Scott opens his wallet and shows the man his self identification card.  The guard takes out his high tech grocery scanner and scans the encoding on the state license.  He checks the scanners screen and confirms the picture that he is looking at is the man standing before him.

“Okay Mr. Walker.  Here is your clip.  You will remember that they must all be used by the sundown tomorrow.  If they are not you will be held responsible.  Each bullet has the normal encoding.  If the encoding is messed with before the casing is spent you will be held responsible.  These are 9mm bullets which should meet the requirements of your government issued firearm.  If you are found using counterfeit ammunition you will be held responsible.  The needed total for this year is 726.205.  The total will be on the main bulletin screens across town.  You may feel free to check throughout the day.  If the total is not reached the government will thin out the needed excess by rank and position.  Your rank and position has awarded you five bullets this year.  Do you have any questions?”, says the officer.

Scott grabs the clip out of the officers hand and looks down at his old hiking boots.  “Why am I only getting five bullets?  I got four times this last year.”

“That is true, but you did not use them effectively.  This automatically lowers your rank therefore allotting you less ammunition.  Do well this year and add to the value of our community and your rank could easily rise in a year.  Or use them on yourself.  We could care less.”


  1. Very interesting. You're so good at that.

  2. Stopping by from the It's Fiday, I'm in Love...{Link Party!}

  3. I think it's great you're getting together with friends and being creative! I like your story so far... I'm intrigued :)

    1. Thanks Katie. I will post a link for the finished product.


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