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Wounded by Jesus

We always here how Jesus healed us and he has many of us in many ways.  The most critical our sin debt that existed.  But I think this sometimes makes us smug.  Yep smug.

We sit in churches feeling good about all God has done for us and we go to our jobs and we make our money and we buy our toys and we hang with our social groups and we go on our token mission trips and we say prayers (sometimes) and we continue in the worlds system with a bit of a better moral compass and a fuzzy feeling that God love us so much.

I just want to be honest.  The more I live down here, the more I feel wounded by Jesus.  Not in a bad way per say.  It just feels bad sometimes.  But I think it's right.  The more we follow Jesus the less comfortable the world and it's ways are to us.

When Jacob wrestles with God he walks away with a limp.  He walks away wounded.  His experience changed him so much that he would never walk in the same way in this life.  And when he did walk, it would hurt.