Tuesday Poetry Drop: Unearned Love

I just wanted to say how much I love my wife.  I literally may be the most exhausting person to exist with.  I'm always wrestling with what God is wanting next and moving to change things within culture so that God's glory and love would be seen.  In the process my life runs a million miles a minute and I constantly stomp the gas.  At as I'm stomping away my wife is always holding my hand.  She has stood by my through every stupid decision and every good one no matter how difficult it may look.  Here is a poem about how it feels to be married to Audge.

Unearned Love

I can't keep up with all the noise around.
It is too loud and too fast.
I'm running after thoughts and ideas
and concepts that seem to good to last
longer than my imagination.
But they do cause they are eternal and right.
They are the pathways carved before 
time farther away than our sight
is able to see.
And standing there is you.
Somehow a gift is given in the middle 
of all this proclaiming that I'm called too.
And your voice is loud like mine,
but you love is soft and sweet
and it wraps me and protects me
from all the pain in my defeats.
I'm marching to my General's orders, 
but not alone.
You march too.  And no matter
how sad I am or mad at myself you hold on
to me and commit to the poured out life.
Redemption is my greatest gift
and then there is you who was placed on my path 
so I would have someone to spend my life with.
I love what our story is becoming, 
even when it takes unforeseen turns
to places we could never imagine or dream.
I'm so excited for a love I could never earn.


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