Tuesday Poetry Drop: Fat Man's Walk

Fat Man's Walk

Have you ever seen a fat man's walk.
It's quite a sight to see.
It's very simple in its design,
but holds a quaint complexity.

It seems at any moment
the man could topple down,
but he is actually firmly planted
to the solid ground.

Gravity is his greatest friend
and toughest enemy.
Every single step he takes
is filled with adversity.

Shirts are riding up
 because they're way too tight
and it seems the pants he wears
never fit quite right.

So if you see him coming
please don't stare and laugh.
You could be there one day too
and it could be coming fast.


  1. lol. Love your range of poetry.

  2. Thanx man. If I ever publish this is going to be the title of my poetry book.


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