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Jeremiah 15

Some of my favorite scripture is in Jeremiah.  I just relate with much of the emotions that Jeremiah exudes.  The unbelief that God would use someone as young as him and as ill equipped as him.  The struggle with going to hard places.  And the worry of safety.

My favorite in all of Jeremiah is in chapter 15.  In one of his many times of doubt and struggle he verbalizes his issues to God so well.

"Lord you know I am suffering for your sake.  Punish my persecutors! Don't let them kill me!  Be merciful to me and give them what they deserve!   Your words are what sustain me.  They bring me great joy and are my heart's delight, for I bear your name, O Lord God Almighty. I never joined the people in their merry feast.  I sat alone because your hand was on me.  I burst with indignation at their sins.  Why then does my suffering continue?  Why is my wound so incurable?  Your help seems as uncertain as  a seasonable brook.  It is like a spring that has gone dry."
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Actually Crashing

So I've been riding my bike a lot lately.  This is mainly thanks to a group of my friends and family who got me a bike for my 33rd birthday.  It is an awesome Specialized hybrid bike.  I ride it all I can.  I love it.  It sleeps beside me.  Okay, not really. 

At the end of a stressful week last week I decided to take an evening ride.  I had actually decided to ride as far North as possible (until it got to dark) and then call someone to come pick me up.  So I'm heading North on a busy road and I decide to swing up onto the sidewalk to avoid a storm drain.  Next thing I know I'm bleeding from my right arm and knee.  In reflection here are the thoughts and lessons learned from this experience.

1.  Alec Woodward is awesome.  He came over and fixed my bike.  Not the best part.  He has anything I would need to clean out the wounds and bandaged up.  He had a whole truck full of fix Quinton's bike wreck supplies.  The detail gifting that God has given him is crazy.  I'm a…