Guest Blog: Brooke Davidson

 I want to thank Brooke Davidson for sharing her experiences here.  She is an amazing woman who is serving God with her life even when it looks unconventional.  Her honesty and humor are refreshing and her passion is convicting.  I hope to let her do this more often.  Her twitter name is @brookeisaflower. 

Not Every Trip is Kumbaya

It’s a cold day in February. well okay not really cold.. just kinda cold. nothing compared to the temperature in Nepal. my time spent there really made me appreciate the little things like... taking a hot shower, using a toilet, sleeping on a real mattress, and not having mice running behind your head while sleeping. not having to drink tea with butter in it or mystery meat that you dare not to ask questions about. things that we take for granted here in America.. were things that i longed for in Nepal. but what i longed for the most was a relationship with the Lord, our God, our Savior, my best friend. i mean, I had that of course. The spirit was always with me, no matter where I was.. but I felt so alone and abandoned for a good part of my journey... i was so desperate for God while i was up in the Himalayan mountains... writing to Him every single day.. just asking Him why? why was I in this place of “death.” In a village filled with so much darkness, that even on the sunniest of days, there was always a dark cloud hovering over me. It wasn’t until I got home that the answer to that question was finally answered. The Lord took me out of my comfort here in Alabama, and put me in a little village so many days away from civilization (when i say days, i mean days of walking.. hours upon hours) to teach me about obedience. I had no clue where i was going, no idea even where Nepal was, to be honest.
I learned that although i felt far from the Lord, He called me to that place and I had to do what He called me to do. A good friend of mine told me that my time in Nepal was just what I needed. God wanted someone else to see what i was going through.. and to be encouraged because it was what they needed at that same time. that sometimes things don’t happen to us for US to grow. it’s for someone else to grow from your experience.. and if someone grew from my time over there, then I’ve accomplished exactly what I was sent to do :) I’m a servant of the Lord and a servant to His people. and that’s all I ever want to be.


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