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Back At This in Bama

So what am I back at...

Trying to serve God?
Trying to be like Jesus?
Trying to show my wife as much love as my heart feels?
Trying to be a good dad?
Trying to impact a community?

Trying to live.
Trying to live in a way that is good and right and full.
Trying to live in a way that makes others smile and makes God smile and makes me smile.
Trying to live free from the constraints of this world.

I miss and enjoy at the same time.
Miss so many great friends in Oregon and enjoy the old relationships rekindled after four years of smoking.
Miss comrades at Izakaya Meji.
Enjoying times on the porch.
Miss big mountains and enjoy warm water.
Miss community and enjoy family.

This is just one more step to the end.
The end of this life leads to the one that last forever.
There try and miss will disappear.

I will strive to lead others to that forever.
It is better than this.
It is everything.
It is our hope.