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Monday Before Easter

So I heard the news of the bombings throughout the weekend.  Bombings of Syria and bombings in Egypt. Then shootings in another school in Southern California.  And I remember this is why Jesus came.  We are so lost on this big planet.  We can't figure it out.  How to get along and how to coexist and how to sustain peace.

I watched the video of the police officer who stopped the suicide bomber and made him go through the metal detector.  Such a small act saved many lives.  The officer probably just thought I'm doing my job, but he was extending life for people without realizing it.

As a one of us on this planet I find myself wishing I could change it.  I wish I could change people to not hate.  Make them not judge.  Cause them to be peaceable.  But then I start focusing on how I really want them to just be like me?  And I'm not so sure I'm the best model.  It hit me that maybe I shouldn't be focusing on trying to change people so much.  But as a Christ follower ra…