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Unlike Christ: a video about Christians by @briangarcia_dp

I hope we can begin to love more than we hate and leave judgement to God while we distribute grace.  We should let truth be truth, but all of it coated with love for those God created whom if they follow Jesus will be brothers and sisters with us.

Letters for December

I love you so much.  This weekend I hung out with some friends, but the whole time I missed my little girl.  Your personality is so amazing and more and more I feel like my partner in crime is growing up right in front of my eyes.  I know there is going to come a stage where I'm not nearly as cool as you think I am now, but I'll take the time I can get.  These are the things you've done the last few months that have encouraged me and taught me so much.

You are telling stories about Jesus.  You've told me how Jesus calmed the storms.  You've told me of baby Jesus who was so very special.  You've told me how people killed Jesus and how he came back to life.  You've told me how Jesus made everything.  You told me how Jesus loves us.

And I'm loving the chance to tell you more stories of Jesus.  Just know as you grow up that Jesus will write new stories in your life as well.  He has showed me much of love by just giving you to me and your mom.  Your spe…

Free Movies and Lessons

This last Sunday, The Beautiful Mess gave out free movie tickets for it's service project.  We wanted to offer a way for families to enjoy some time together and hang out.  So we rented out the theater showing the Lorax at the Gateway Mall.  It was a packed crowd and awesome time as we got to love on people who we had sometimes never met.
Here is a couple of cool stories. 1.  I got a call the next day from a lady who is living with her kids and boyfriend by the river here in our city of Eugene.  She wanted to know what else we were doing and where we were doing it at.  The conversation ended with her planning on coming and hanging out with us this next Sunday.  Praise God.  I can't wait to get to know her.
2.  A guy who had been staying at the mission was given the opportunity to invite his family to come to the movie with him.  Even though he has no where for his kids to stay with him, his ex and kids and aunt came and watched the movie together.  One of my friends had a con…

Psalms 20

I got to read this with some friends this morning and one verse absolutely rocked me.  It was verse 7.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.
Chariots and horses were measuring sticks for influence and power of a king.  So I asked myself what are the current tools for this.  Our chariots look more like relationships, money, status, and jobs.  Our hoses look like talents, toys, ministries, and events. The premise is still clear.  If our trust is in any of  that stuff then we are misguided.  It will ultimately fail and it is smoke and mirrors in our life.  We can puff our chest out about what we own or who we know, but God is in control.
Today I want to trust in God.  Can I serve at a Homeless Mission housing 400 people.  Only if I trust in God.  Can I help missionaries get set up in different cities.  Only if I trust in God.  Can I raise kids.  Only if I trust in God.  Can I be involved in church plants.  Only if I trust in God.
What ever de…

One Great Swing

Some of you might have heard of a guy named Casey Martin.  I am horrible at golf and for the most part stay away from any golf related activities unless I'm getting the opportunity to play with people who take it way too serious.  Then in some sick way I find humor in their battle against the course.  Like this one time I was playing with a guy and he threw his club into water, and another guy hit his club on the ground until it was bent, and this other guys beat the stew out of the driving green after a bad drive.  My natural response was to ask whether or not he was going to fix the divot.  (Thanks for all the good times Wade, Matt, and Felton)

The reason golfers might know Casey Martin is for his lawsuit in 98 against the PGA that granted access for him to use a cart during tournaments.  He won.  Casey has a disorder in one of his legs that keeps him from being able to walk long distances without pain.  In fact, he has made no bones about the fact that the medical profession sa…

Beautiful Mess Summer Schedule

Things have been going great with The Beautiful Mess.  God is putting something together that we could only have dreamed of.  It is amazing to watch people from all walks of life coming together and serving and sharing the gospel.  So here is the summer schedule. 

June 10: 5pm Gathering 7pm Basketball tournament
June 17: 5pm Gathering 7pm Free movie tickets at the Gateway Mall
June 24: 5pm Gathering 6pm Potluck Dinner in the basement
July 1: 5pm Gathering 7pm Open Mic Night
July 8: 5pm Gathering 7pm Basketball tournament
July15: 5pm Gathering 7pm Bike Rally.  Give away 100 kid's bikes.
July 22: 5pm Gathering 7pm Potluck Dinner in the basement.
July 29: 5pm Gathering
August 5: 5pm Gathering 7pm Open Mic Night
August 12: 5pm Gathering 7pm Basketball tournament
August 19: 5pm Gathering 7pm Worlds Largest Water balloon fight
August 26: 5pm Gathering 7pm Potluck Dinner in the basement

Full summer and it's going to be so much fun watching God do what He does.
Crash on.

My Brother; My Hero

I know many of you are reading that heading and asking yourself, "Did I read that correctly?'
Absolutely.  Wade is one of the people who has and continues to make amazing impact on my life.  He has spoken the greatest truths I've ever needed to here and he's seen through all my bull crap when no one else could.  He has also loved me regardless of all my mistakes.

Still don't get it?
Let me explain.

  My brother and I were raised in church and both new Jesus from an early age, but my brother in high school and college was a marginal Christian.  Until he went to Mexico on a mission trip, and there, God wrecked him, in the most amazing of ways.  Since that time he has been one of the most amazing missionaries I have ever met.  He even married a missionary and together their life is fully about missions.  And even though my sister in law, Kerrie, gushes over my brother way too much, for the most part she is right about how amazing he is.

This last week was his birt…