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Interns or Partners

So we added two interns to our staff for the summer.  I can't tell you how excited I am about that.  I love teams and when people join a team they automatically make it better.  That person brings all new perspective, talents, passions, and energy to the group.  Now granted, sometimes people can have a negative impact, but I'm going to be honest.  We have two amazing new teammates.

Anna and Jake are who has joined us and I'm so excited to see what these young adults do for us at LifePoint, but also what they accomplish in their lives.  Anna is an amazing young woman with a heart for families and it is staggering to hear some of the ideas she is coming up with at a young age.  She has a fighters heart that loves deeply.  A powerful tool.  Jake is energy personified.  There is such hunger for God's word and love for the mission of the Gospel within him.

I wonder how many times we miss out on the gifts that people are in our lives......  Wait a second, I was just in the …

I Love Community

If I had to say what I missed most about Oregon, it's an easy answer.


My wife Audrey and I are having to rebuild it in our lives.  And that's so much fun, but also a little sad at times.  Only because as your building community, you think about all the people who use to be part of it.  During our four years in Oregon there became a group of people who knew they were absolutely cleared to drop by anytime and when they did we were happy and our family was better for it.  The cool neighbors that we built friendships with.  There was duck fans, parents of three daughters just like ours, a guy who wore a kilt, and a family that ran a restaurant in the back of their house.  These people were all amazing in their own way and enriched the lives of the Williams clan so much.  We miss them.  We miss the people who had became so close that we could not wait for the next excuse to just sit and talk together.  It really was something special.

It hasn't seemed like this t…