Marriage Letters: My job-Your job

Join me and my wife, Audrey along with Amber @ The Run a Muck, as we write our marriage letters to shine light on the joy and truth of marriage, along with the struggles.  Marriage is worth fighting for.


If I'm honest, sometimes I'm jealous for your job.  Especially on days when my office is flooded with the homeless who are struggling to find easy answers to very hard questions.  Like how do I deal with cancer and be homeless, or why can't I get over my families death, or how do I get meds for my psychosis.  I feel like I'm trying to patch up holes in the titanic with band-aids.  Add on to that the development of a discipleship program for the complex, staff meetings, team management, and social activities planning and I feel like many days I'm swimming in stormy water.  Keeping my head above water and breathing comes off as success.  Then there is the church planting aspect of everything.  I feel the weight of decisions being made that affect more than just myself.  I need to keep relationships fresh and invest in people who are on this journey with us.  So yeah, sometimes I want to be the one just hanging with the kids all day.

That is until I actually do it.  Wow.  On nights you got out and I keep the kids I feel like I'm constantly running to keep up with them.  And cleaning at the same time?  Forget about it.  How can you clean up after a tornado, much less two.  Don't get me wrong I love the time with the girls, but they need constant attention at this age and constant direction and constant care and constant food and constant diaper changes and constant clothes changes.  I'm utterly amazed at how time consuming raising our girls is.  I know as it stands when I come home from work I just want to play.  I get all the easy stuff for the most part.  I love taking Dec out on dates to Chucky Cheese and the playground.  While you handle most of the daily meltdowns.  On nights you cook dinner I really do think you are Superwoman.

We both have tough jobs.  To me yours is more important.  Because they are my girls.  I'm so glad they get to spend their day with the woman I love the most and trust the most.  I don't think we should trade.  God made us for what we do and I love it.



  1. I'm really appreciating the husband's perspective, especially on the heels of his wife's perspective. Sounds like you guys are in there like swim you've got it all figured out! May God continue to bless and keep you and your family.

  2. I assure you we do not have it all figured out. But maybe a little more figured out this year than last. Hope he blesses you guys as well.

  3. Seriously, this is honest, and I love it. Beautiful how both of you do the hard work to make a family. I love that you are a respite for each other.


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