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Jonah's Plant and my battle with comfort

Last night I went to a great college worship service at the University of Oregon.  Campus is beautiful by the way.  The guy speaking was teaching through the book of Jonah and last night covered teh last chapter.  I have always loved this story in the Bible, but for the most part have focused on the whole fish episode.  Last night it was all about Jonah's plant.  Jonah is pouting at the edge of the city and God causes a plant to grow up that provides shade and protection for Jonah.  While Jonah is sleeping God does away with the plant.  At this Jonah is irrate and for the thrid time in the chaper ask God just to kill him.  He can't believe God would take away the one thing that was comforting him.  It was his shade and protection and God had to go and ruin it.  It was a total crime against humanity.

But then God questions.  See Jonah had just got finished being mad because God showed mercy to a city of people who Jonah did not like and did not care about.  And here is where it…

Almost a Year

One month away from having spent our first year here in Eugene, Oregon.  Wow.  God has done amazing things in us and through us.  To be honest, there was some expectation of things happening really quick, but as always God is writing our story.  At this point our team is working with homeless people throughout Eugene and we see many of them coming to know who Jesus is and beginning to follow him in their lives.  This Sunday we will be going to church with a van load of guys who have no homes, but have Christ as their future.

The church planting portion of it is coming along as well.  Right now we are talking with a group that is wanting to start meeting downtown, a group that gets together and prays regularly, a church staff who would like to partner with us downtown, the Shift who is always supporting us in anticipation of the gospel being presented in Eugene, and individuals who are seeking a place to make a difference.  This is a very amazing time with many people interested in so…