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Climbing Trees

I remember as a kid how much fun it was to climb trees.  And I think the fun of was that a tree could become anything.  Many days me and my brother, Wade, would turn trees in the pasture into pirate ships, castles, or forts.  It was great.  I think in life God is still giving us trees to climb.  Our new trees are opportunities. 

We see these amazing opportunities to share the Gospel with the world around us.  The opportunities present themselves in so many different ways.  Neighbors in need, friends who are struggling, starving people groups, unclean water, students without breakfast, growing poverty, absent fathers, struggling couples, the homeless, the marginalized, the lonely, and the lost.  The trees are everywhere, yet for some reason we choose not to climb them.  So I ask myself, "why don't I climb actual trees anymore?"

Two reasons.
First, I don't feel like I have the right tools to climb.  My body type is not a good match for scaling trees not to I have the k…

Poured Out Like Water

Recently I went hiking with my good friend Jeff Tennant.  We decided to take the day and head up to Black Butte in central Oregon.  It was an amazing trip, but it ended up being a little longer and a little tougher than I had read.  Aka, I'm out of shape and getting older.  A little ways into the trail I had to stop and take a break.  Leaning against the tree, out of breath, the thought came to mind, "What if this trip took all of me?"

I started back hiking, but the whole time I began thinking about where my life has taken me.  The places I've been and things I've been a part of seem unbelievable.  My mind went back to the first trip I took to New Orleans during Mardi Gras.  A youth minister friend of mine had invited me to go, but the night before I was going to leave I had a dream that someone stabbed my on the streets and I died.  The next day I was really emotional.  But I went.  I wasn't stabbed and obviously I didn't die.  God changed me in that dec…