The Frank Turner Show

So last night me and a couple of my friends went to the Frank Turner concert here in Eugene.  I first saw Frank when he opened for Flogging Molly in Atlanta.  So I thought I would do a review of the show and how God breaks my heart of things.  If you haven't listened to Frank Turner, he has an amazing voice and is modern day folk with rock undertones.  Many of his lyrics, especially from his first album, were full of passion and challenges of living life for a purpose.  I'm a sucker for good lyrics that are inspirational.  When his latest album came out it became evident that he struggled in the whole idea of God and faith.  He wrote a song called Glory Hallelujah that tries to make the point that "there never was no God."  It was a little disheartening when he began to sing this song and people raised their hands and rejoiced in the song.  Before he sang it he stated that some people they may hate it and disagree with everything in the song, but he and them could still sit down at the bar afterward and have a conversation.  During the song, I prayed for Frank.  He has such passion that I could only imagine what God could do with his talents.  Other than that incident the concert was great.  His band is very talented.

When I left there was about a 3 block walk to my car.  Along the way I saw a group of homeless guys hanging out under an awning.  I noticed one of the guys there was a man who wasn't allowed to come into the Mission due to violence issues and a refusal to get a psychological evaluation.  We had met and so I sat down to see how the guy was doing.  He told me things were going okay.  That he had began going to a Bible Study and was learning about Jesus more and more.  We talked about some old testament Bible stories and shared a couple of doughnuts from VooDoo.  I let him know if he needed anything just swing by and see me.

As I got into the car I was smiling.  It is amazing to me how a guy who has success like Frank Turner seems to drift away from God in his pursuit.  While my friend on the street seems to grow closer to him even though he has nothing.  In Frank's song you could feel the desperation that there was nothing really worth living for other than stuff of today.  But talking to the homeless guy, he found his hope in the future to come.  And he trusted Christ to take him from day to day.

Really enjoyed Frank's music, but I loved the heart of a homeless man.


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