Marriage Letters: I knew you loved me when...

Join me and my wife, Audrey along with Amber @ The Run a Muck, as we write our marriage letters to shine light on the joy and truth of marriage, along with the struggles.  Marriage is worth fighting for.


I knew you loved me when we found a rock that was perfect in Mentone.  When our hands met in the forest and beauty of nature was eclipsed by the beauty of that moment.

I know you love me when the couch becomes our new perfect place, or the bench, or the car, anywhere where we can be close enough to understand each other without words.

I knew you loved me when you charged in beside me.  Into whatever battle, mission, or story that God is orchestrating for us.  You hold on and move forward.  For longer stretches than I thought possible.

I knew you loved me when we dreamed together.  All our stories have main characters that do not change.

I know you love me when you do the small things that make me smile.  Garbage cans moved, a cup of water, a kiss.

I knew you loved me when we danced together on the pier before we said our vows.  You said it and I believe it.  I know it.

I love you,


  1. I love how we both mentioned Mentone. :) Thanks for loving me. Especially this weekend! I hope you don't get sick. :/

    1. We've got to go back to Mentone this summer

  2. Beautifully said. Stopping by from Amber's link-up. :)

    1. thanks. going to check out your sit now.

  3. Waaaa! I want my husband to start blogging, now! :) Although he's told me before: his blog would be called the "anti blog," and its entire purpose would be to refute any and all craziness on my part. :)


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