Serving the Running (The Eugene Marathon)

 So this last week I met an amazing man named Gene Hall.  He is not amazing in the since that he is a leader of a huge organization or making millions of dollars.  He is amazing in the the fact that he is leading a church outside of it's walls.  he is also a husband, father to three, and fighting cancer.  This last Sunday the church he is pastor at, Christ Centennial Church, decided that the church for them looked different than your typical Sunday morning gathering.  They decided to set up a water station serving the Eugene Marathon.  Sounded like a great way to step in and serve the community.  This is a church that preaches the Gospel weekly and found an opportunity to build connection and let people know how Christ love has transformed them.

 The sign made by the youth group.

 One of the guys from the church made a sprinkler you could run through.  Awesome.

 Gene serving Gatorade.

 The aftermath.  It all got cleaned up.

 Cowbells to encourage people on.  It was amazing how much people cheered for the runners.  The church didn't know hardly any of the people running, but made them feel loved and supported.  

 Massive amounts of Gatorade.  

I loved this.  It was a great way to start my Sunday.  I watched my first marathon and got to serve.  I went to church later that morning and then spoke at the Beautiful Mess that night.  But it is amazing how God brings things full circle.  My last experience of the day was giving a homeless guy a ride across town to a friends house.  We talked about kids and how his wife was expecting their first and how he was scared to death.  I found myself laughing out loud.  God thanks for letting me realize how alike we all are and how we need you.  

We are running a race and God is our prize.  Run hard.

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  1. this looks like so much fun!! Do you use instagram on a droid or an iphone?

  2. Thank you for your incredible encouragement and support of our little church, and your evident belief in our potential for reaching the community! It means so much.

  3. I was honored to get to hang out with the church. Hope it gets to happen again.


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