The 7 Experiment: Month 1 Day 2

So me and Audge, along with Alec and Holleigh, read this amazing book by Jen Hatmaker that focused on fighting excess in our life and using that as a tool to fast and pray.  For 7 months Jen stripped down different areas of her life.  So me, Audge, Holleigh, and Alec all decided to put 7 to the test.  

Month 1 is clothes.  We picked 7 articles of clothing to wear for the month.  
Here is mine.

1 pair of blue jeans, my brown pants, shoes, 2 t-shirts, a button up work shirt, and a pair of basketball shorts.  I want to take the month to focus my prayers on the people throughout the world who don't have clothes and shoes available to them.  This became real, when on the first day our staff at the Eugene Mission had a discussion on the lack of men's pants and t-shirts we had available for our guest.  I thought about all the clothes sitting in my closet during this month.  

So this morning I picked out some t-shirts I wasn't wearing very often and brought them with me to work.  It is becoming evident that I could survive on less.  But, tonight came the first real inconvenience of the deal.  I wore my work shirt for the second day and ended up going to a prayer meeting after work.  This left me coming home late and realizing I really needed to wash my work shirt.  

So tonight I got to spend some extra time praying for people.  I prayed for all my friends in Mexico whose clothing options are less than mine and are usually not an important issue.  I prayed that I would realize that clothes are just stuff.  I prayed that in the same way wearing the same thimg could bring about discomfort, if my life keeps looking the same and not growing in Christ I would become bothered.  

I should also add that I accidentally put my hat on last night as I went out the door.  Not one of my 7 items.  On my first day I commit a foul.  Glad for grace.


  1. Wow! That's incredible...and incredibly hard.


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