God's Sense of Humor: An Update

Something I've said for most my life is that God has an amazing sense of humor.  There have been these crazy incidents in life that make me think, "God, you were watching that weren't you.  And I be you were laughing your butt off."  For instance, once time I had a paycheck fly out the window and so I turned around and walked to where I thought it might be.  I spent the next 2 hours walking long stretches of highway in hopes of finding the check.  After my happy hunting I returned to my car to find the check lying right by my front tire.  "You got me good there God."

Now I know God didn't really tune into the Quinton comedy hour, but it felt like it.  Here is the latest episode in my life. 

Yep.  We got a new baby on the way.  So here is the humor.  Not planned.  It took us a year to get pregnant with December and we were trying every pregnancy trick in the book.  And now, unexpectedly God throws us the big curve ball.  Hilarious.

I should say I'm stoked.  I believe kids are a blessing from God and know many people who desire them, but for some reason they aren't able to have them.  It just wasn't part of our plan and God comes tromping in again and reminds me that it's His plan not mine anyway.  I guess the anxiety in the whole situation is how busy God seems to have us here in Eugene and finding ways to slow things down and focus on family more.  So I thought I would update you on the ministries our family has become involved in.  If you were here for baby talk only, feel free to stop reading.

The Crash: We are still growing.  The team is doing an amazing job of leaning on God and trusting Him through every circumstance.  There have been people from Eugene who have joined up with the idea of planting churches for the rest of their lives in cultures that are desperate for Jesus.  To keep updated like our FACEBOOK PAGE.  We have joined with local believers in planting The Beautiful Mess, a community of servants being the church. 

The Eugene Mission:  We are running higher numbers than last year.  We are up about 35 percent.  Homelessness continues to be a serious issue, but I'm so glad God allows me to serve the people here.  We are working on a new Discipleship Program which I'm so excited about.  It's going to be a lot of fun.  We are having around 400 guest a night stay with us at the mission.  Check out our FACEBOOK PAGE and our WEBSITE.

The Beautiful Mess:  We have not advertised or launched, but this thing just keeps growing.  We have done community dinners, clean ups, open mic nights, and are about to put on a basketball tournament.  People keep coming on Sunday nights for the community the experience and the love of Christ that covers it all.  The Gideon brothers have the website up.  thebeautifulmess.org.  More additions to come.  We also have a TBM Facebook Page if you're wanting to keep up.  Right now we are raising money to buy 100 bikes to give away to people in the poorer communities around us.  If you want to give go to http://thebeautifulmess.org/kidsbikerally/.

OATH (Oregonians Against the Trafficking of Humans):  An awesome friend of mine is heading up this organization in Eugene and I'm honored to be a part of it.  She is working on john classes, meeting girls on the street, developing a safe house, and raising awareness.  I got to find more time to spend here.  It is staggering how much human trafficking goes on in our country.  My wife blogged on how we first got exposed to all this HERE.

So here we are trying to figure out how to have another kid and continue pouring ourselves out for the kingdom.  I know, family before ministry, and I aim to practice that.  I also want my kids to be part of loving this world and it's broken people all the days of their life.  So come on new kid.  We got an adventure waiting for you.


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