The 7 Experiment: Month 1 day 30

I've made it through month 1.  Here are some pics with me with the same clothes.

The damage. 
Shoes held up.
Blue Jeans are a little more frayed on the end, but otherwise fine.
Basketball shorts are near indestructible.
My green button up shirt has a bleach stain on the bottom left.  I can rock a bleach stain.  Even at a city wide prayer breakfast. 
My blue t-shirt has held up like a champ, even through my constant abuse.
My green t-shirt  now has a convenient ventilation system right in my left arm pit.
But the brown pants have taken the brunt of the damage.  Right side pocket has hole in it.  The right seam are coming unraveled at the pocket.  And a left belt loop and auto tightener have both snapped.

The lessons.
Clothes can easily become about impressing people more than anything else.  It is amazing how much unfair labor happens to produce clothing that we buy.  A pair of pants that cost $100 dollars is 3 weeks pay for the median of our world population.  The median world income is right around $2000 dollars.  Our actual, world middle class makes about $35 a week.  I hope that I will start asking questions about whether or not I really need that new shirt. 

Thrift stores are awesome.  Most thrift stores support some local charity (Goodwill, St. Vincents, Hoses, etc.) and you are not buying newly produced stuff that cost way more than it is worth in resources spent to produce it.  You can also find fair trade clothes companies online that help impoverished people groups with fair pay work(check out  At least this way we are making a difference with our purchases and not just vain pursuits.

Clothes do not make the man.  People didn't think much differently about me and didn't even mention the fact that I was wearing the same clothes very often.  Now this could be due to the fact that I have no fashion sense at all, just ask my wife.  I also think it has to do with the fact that people are less impressed with our presentation and more impressed with our flavor.  We are to be salt and light.  In themselves there is nothing flashy about a piece of salt or a light, but they can't help, but to affect the world around them. 

So now on to month 2: Food.
Choose 7 foods and only eat those 7 foods for a month.
During this time reflect on those who are starving and go without food everyday.  Pray for them and that they will receive help and begin to dream how we can help them.

My 7 foods:
1. Chicken.  The base for all foods.
2. Eggs.  The chicken came before the egg.
3. Black Beans.  The most amazing of all beans.  It's genetic.
4. Tortilla.  Breakfast burrito, chicken burrito, bean burrito, oh yeah
5. Spinach.  It's a salad and oh so much more.
6. Sweet Potato.  Sweet and healthy.
7. Peppers.  For flavoring and savoring.
Along with these 7 foods I will only drink water and use nothing more than salt, pepper, and olive oil for seasoning.

I'm excited about how God is focusing my prayers.


  1. you're gonna be able to make some excellent meals out of that! and healthy ones!


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