Open Mic Night

So I was sitting around with the leaders of the Beautiful Mess two weeks ago and we were praying and dreaming about what we could do to really reach out to our community and at the same time enrich community among the people attending.  The Big Dreamer (Ethan) said what about an open mic night.  I thought sure, why not.  But in my head I didn't really see this working.

Boy was I wrong. 

People shared poetry, life stories, and songs.  They opened themselves up and were transparent about life and art and God.  This last week was our rough run through and it was so amazingly beautiful.  We are going to begin doing this the first Sunday of every month.  We go live in June.  So whatever ever talent you have to share please come.  We got free coffee, free dessert, free mic, and we will show love.  Jesus love will pour through our relationships and we will tell of His Gospel.  I'm excited.

Contributors and leaders at the Beautiful Mess Open Mic.


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