The 7 experiment: Month 1 Day 9

So people have started calling me avocado.  Thanks Green Shirt.

Besides that it hasn't been that bad except on a couple of occasions, which have prompted me to prayer.  The first one was last Monday when we decided to go to the coast for the day.  Audrey's dad, step mom, and brother are all visiting so we went to have some coastal fun.  It was suppose to be a sunny day, so I slipped on my basketball shorts and my green t-shirt.  Avocado Man to the rescue.  Then we headed toward the beautiful coast to goof off.  When we got there we decided to go see when there was an opening to ride the dune buggies in Florence.  If you've never done this, make a point to.  It is like star wars.  You jump, slide, and dive off of huge sand dunes that go for miles.  It is a blast.  The problem this morning was that when we got there it was only about 60 degrees and we rode at 65 miles an hour and dune buggies don't have doors or walls or roofs.  And all I had was a t-shirt and basketball shorts.  It was cold.  Of course I didn't show it, but I was cold.  As I realized this it prompted me to think on the people I pass in my own city who find themselves sleeping under bridges on any given night.  In fact, I had gotten the news just as I was leaving work last Saturday that one of our guys had died sleeping under a bridge.  It was probably drug related, but all I could think was "I bet he was cold."

I want to pray for those who are cold and do what I can to help them.  This was a sobering thought and prayer during the beginning of this week.

The next reality 7 gave me was a focus on shoes.  My two pairs of shoes seemed like plenty, but this is how Monday made a mockery of that idea.  First a rogue wave caught me unaware at the coast and soaked my multicolor New Balances.  Then I broke my toe playing beach volleyball that night, which made the wearing of my gray Nikes not so fun.  So I cheated for the second time and wore my homemade converse sandals.  It made me think of all the kids down in Mexico that I spent 10 years with.  Many days I will see them walking down rocky streets without shoes.  They are so many people out there who don't have the appropriate footwear needed.  I want to continue to pray for them and help in getting shoes to those who need them.  I'm praying God would show me ways to do this.

 Kyle and the girls

 Volleyball at Emerald Park

My Broke Toe


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