Writing and loving it

So one of the things that has happened since I moved out to Oregon is that I've began writing again and in a different way.  Many people who know me remember the fact that I have written poetry for much of my life.  I always enjoy the complexity of putting emotion on paper.  The time spent as a pastor at Lifepoint was a time when I wrote less.  Partly because I was so busy and partly because I just got away from it.  When we moved out here I started talking with one of my coworkers and he shared how he was part of a group that wrote short stories.  I wanted to make some friends and I was interested in challenging myself as well.  I've loved it.  I'm not great at it, but I have loved writing short stories.  At this point I've wrote three and am working on two more right now.  I am also working on a graphic novel.  It is a great creative exercise and so much fun.  On top of that, I get to meet amazing people who write amazing stories.

I've also picked up the pencil to work some poetry again.  It feels good.  It is amazing how creative our God is and how he shares those gifts with us.  I'm so amazed by the story he is writing of my life.  It is better than I could have ever done.  I never saw much of the last 10 years in my future.  He wrote in youth ministry, college ministry at Snead, working at youth camps, mission work in Mexico and on the streets in New Orleans, cleaning up after hurricanes and tornadoes, marrying an amazing woman and having two beautiful girls, planting a church, making amazing friends, ministry in downtown Eugene, planting churches across the country, and working in a homeless mission.  God truly is the author and finisher of our salvation.  He is an amazing author.  I leave you guys with one of my latest poems.

Sneak Through

Can your voice sneak through to me?
Do you send people at the craziest of times to speak the craziest of things or am I crazy?
Is it you who is always laying his coat over the mud puddles of my life?
I know the storms are real.
I know the pain is real.
I know the tears are real, but nothing is as real as you.
When you fall everything else seems to fall away.
How is the most real thing in my life is what I lose so often?
I want to love you.  I need to love you.
So why do I wait for it to be convenient?
I throw every obstacle I can in between you and me.
Maybe I'm scared of what's possible with you...through you...in you.
Can your voice sneak through to me.


  1. Good word Q! I'd love to read one of your short stories sometime.


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