Russia Loves Me!

So I started blogging a month ago and to my surprise 5% of the readership of the blog comes from Russia.  Somehow this has made me want to go to Russia.  Maybe it's because I love traveling or maybe it's because I want to get over my aversion of Russian authors.  The dislike for Russian literature can be traced back to Senior English, when Mrs. Blanks made us read Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment.  I almost gave up reading all together.  But more realistically, I believe it is because there are real people over in Russia whom God loves and wants to be in relationship with.  I really want to meet those people and tell them of the great love that is available through Jesus.  I get so excited when I hear about missions.  There are so many different culutures and people and God is wanting to show himself to all of them and we are his conduit for the message. 

If you haven't been on a mission trip to another culture please go.  Russia is added to the list of places people have talked to me about going and are on my heart.  (The list:  Mexico, Ireland, Georgia, India, and Russia).  We need to see how God loves around this world.  We need to see how to love people different from ourselves.  We need to see that there is more happening than what is in our own community.  God is moving across the world and our decisions should be made in following a God who is redeeming humanity to himself instead of making decisions based on our current comforts.  I'm going to be praying that you get to go on mission to another culture and get  your view of God expanded.  In the mean time, we should all pray for those who are taking risk and giving of their resources to be places that we are not able.  I leave you with a list of missionaries that I know personally to pray for.  They are Crashing after God.

Brooke Davidson.  Just got back from Nepal.  She's not done yet.  Her twitter tag is @brookisaflower.

Breanna Rains is back and forth to Mexico.  She loves that place.  Her blog.

Ethan Hollub.  He is taking some people to Africa.  This guy loves Jesus a lot.  His website.

Wade and Kerrie Williams.  Kerrie is the minister of missions at Lifepoint Church.  Wade is my brother.  They go everywhere for the Gospel.  They have huge hearts for Mexico and India.  If you want to get involved in a mission trip talk to Kerrie for sure.  Kerrie's blog which Wade post on sometimes

Lisa Cain, Crystal Campbell, and Amy Jung all are pouring their heart into Africa. 

There are tons more.  Please feel free to leave a comment so I can pray for you if you are going on mission anytime soon.  My wife is selling knitted stuff to raise money for some of these missionaries.  Check her stuff out on her blog.

In closing,  Russia probably doesn't love me, but I love Russia.  Just not as much as Jesus.


  1. haha "Kerrie's blog which Wade posts on sometimes" -- like twice ever! I did tell him I wanted him to post after man camp this year. He's on the schedule.

    But seriously, thanks Q. Its so awesome to have family (the blood kind, the Jesus kind, the friend kind) that pray for us and that are responding to the call to Go also.

    1. I'm so glad you're fam. Keep up all the mission work. It is amazing.

  2. :) thanks Q!!! that's so encouraging. I give God all the credit for putting missions in my heart, but i have to give you some major props for pushing me and pushing me to do what God wants me to do.. and that is to share his love! :)

    1. Thanks tons. You are so amazing and a big inspiration to us who know you. Keep it up. Don't ever stop dreaming big dreams.


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