So I wrote on hope once, but it is becoming so obvious it is what people are in desperate need of.  Working at the Eugene Mission I see men and women everyday who are struggling to hang on to hope.  But even as I type that I believe that many of us are struggling with hope.  Romans 15:13 says that God is the source of hope yet many of the things we hope for are not God centered.  And so when they don't happen we begin to give up hope.  God has created us for more than worldly aspirations.  Do not let your hope swim in such shallow waters as money and fame.  God has made us to be free men and women changing the world for his Glory.  We can affect homelessness and hunger.  We can preach the Gospel around the world.  We can adopt orphans and care for widows.  Why?  Not because we are special, but because we have hope in the God who loves us and empowers us to make a difference.  We are free men and women on a long journey.  I hope you are excited.


  1. Amen. True that. and Heck Yes. Seriously, that's all true and much need reminder.


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