Tobacco Juice's limits

So I learned today, very clearly, that things are real that I don't understand.

Now many of you are saying "No Duh".  But for me it is a bit of a revelation.  For instance, my wife and I have argued forever about migraines.  She would tell me they were super bad headaches that make light hurt your eyes and make you nauseous and can cause you to throw up and want to crawl into a cave and enter hibernation for the next five days.  My response?  All headaches are the same, some folks just have lower pain tolerance.

I didn't win the greatest husband award for that comment and I know they are real, but it gives some insight into how I handle situations.  I have a southern highschool football mentality when it comes to life..

"suck it up son"
"walk it off"
"you hurt or are you injured"
"just put some tobacco juice on it"

These four comments in my (stupid)opinion have solved the majority of my problems...but not really.

Today I spent a great amount of time talking with a  homeless man at the mission who has entered our discipleship program.  This program God has developed through our staff is having tremendous effects on the men and women who have entered it.  In a nutshell, they commit a year, go through 35 classes, serve, connect with a mentor and a church, and learn the basics to enter the community and work force again.  The conversation today was eye opening.

Wounds bring pain, guilt, and shame.  This man struggles to get up in the morning out of his bed primarily over a projected lie from his family.  He has been told it was his fault that his mother committed suicide.  This is where the enemy takes him down every morning.  When he gets up he is an encourager and lover of God's word and brings so much to the guys around him.  It just gets him down.

It's hard just to suck that up and tobacco juice don't do crap for that kind of pain.  And he has no family that will support.  But he has us.  His new family in Christ.  So as this man sat crying in my office this morning over his struggle with an honest desire to pursue and know God more, I was broken over my pride.  We came up with a plan and some accountability and love.  But as he walked away I realized God was stretching me and teaching me that I don't have to understand every pain or problem away.  I just have to be ready to love in the middle of it.

Find someone hurting today...and love them.


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