Prayer Weekend

So here is the truth.  Being a missionary is HARD!

Many days my family longs to be back in our hometown where we have so many long time friends and 30 years of memories.  What is so amazing is when God gives some rest.  Sometimes through encouragement or calls or opportunities.

This last weekend it came as a contemplative prayer retreat with some awesome guys.  Five of the guys were from our Crash team and some guys we are planting here with in Eugene joined us.  What did we do?  Prayed and got quiet and listened.

(Zach, missionary and amazing friend)

We started with the Shabbat meal on Friday night welcoming in the Sabbath.  John Rice was our host and facilitator for the weekend.

Then we rested, ate, prayed, and filled out minds with scripture.

Here is what I walked away with.  I need to listen to God more.  There is this struggle in my heart to experience the fullness of life.  Many times I think this comes through proving my worth or doing some amazing ministry project.  It comes from resting in God.  From realizing who we are in God.  And living out the reality of that relationship.

God is good and his rest is amazing.


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