People I Miss

1.  Wade and Kerrie

Two of the most amazing people I've ever met.  Missionaries and pioneers in the richest sense of the word.  The live without fear and full of passion and many days I wish we could sit around and get on each others nerves and dream together.

2. Dad

Greatest role model and the constant voice in my head.  I miss talking about life and gaining wisdom.  I wish we could walk together in the pasture or do some work on a fence and just be. 

3. Mom

She is joy personified and I laugh when she laughs.  I miss eating and laughing over silliness and innocent mistakes.  I wish we could cook something together and talk about senseless worries and future adventures.  

I want to do this from time to time.
Just remember some important people in my life that chasing after God has put some miles between us.
These are people who shape me and whom I love.


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