People I Miss 2

Here is second edition of folks that were so impactful in my life that I don't get to see much.

1.  Matt Brooks
Other than my brother I've never argued with anyone more.  But it was the best example I've ever experienced of iron sharpening iron.  I miss dreaming as we threw frisbees into homemade baskets.  I wish we could compete on the bball court and compliment each other on the battle field again.

2.  Jason McCullars
The only high school friend I was able to stay really close with.  I miss our closeness and our humor.  I miss hanging out the house and our family going on dates and trips together.  I wish we could eat tonight and laugh about the old days and know that the time we've known each other creates an environment where no mask is needed.

3.  Nick and Brandi
I've never fallen into friendship so drastically as I did with you two.  I was a skeptic.  But through our time together I became a believer in your heart and passion.  I miss eating great desserts while playing cards and talking about nothing.  I wish we could go to Huntsville or walk railroads or sit in the back yard and let the friendship grow more.  


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