I miss my brother

Yesterday my middle daughter starting throwing up.  This led me to take half a day off from work in an attempt to separate my oldest daughter from her so we didn't have another epidemic breakout like we had last year.  So I decided to take December out to see a movie.  We picked "Escape From Planet Earth".  It was fun, but it made me miss my brother.

Nutshell, two brothers fight, then one has to save the other, then they realize how important they are to each other.

I love the fact that for part of my ministry I got to walk through it with my brother.  Today I really miss that we are not side by side.  I know we are still serving our king and living our lives out for the Gospel, but I just miss being in close proximity.  One of my prayers is that one day God would allow us to work together again.

It makes me take a moment today and think about all the folks that I really love ministering with that are on different paths right now.  I hope God blesses them so much.  They've all had impact on my life.  So pray for the people serving elsewhere who once served with you.  And then I'm so thankful for the people I'm getting to serve with now.  I could never dream of the amazing warriors that God has placed in this battle with me.  Our God writes beautiful stories.    


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