One Great Swing

Some of you might have heard of a guy named Casey Martin.  I am horrible at golf and for the most part stay away from any golf related activities unless I'm getting the opportunity to play with people who take it way too serious.  Then in some sick way I find humor in their battle against the course.  Like this one time I was playing with a guy and he threw his club into water, and another guy hit his club on the ground until it was bent, and this other guys beat the stew out of the driving green after a bad drive.  My natural response was to ask whether or not he was going to fix the divot.  (Thanks for all the good times Wade, Matt, and Felton)

The reason golfers might know Casey Martin is for his lawsuit in 98 against the PGA that granted access for him to use a cart during tournaments.  He won.  Casey has a disorder in one of his legs that keeps him from being able to walk long distances without pain.  In fact, he has made no bones about the fact that the medical profession says he will probably lose the leg.  While I think it is amazing that a man with these type of obstacles is able to rise up and play professional level golf, it is not the reason I admire this guy.  It's not that he was Tiger Wood's roommate or that he made it back to the US Open this year.  The reason I'm so glad God has allowed me to meet Casey is that he loves Jesus.  I've gotten to sit down with Casey a couple of times and it is evident he knows who Jesus is, but the first time I met Casey was the real picture of his love for Jesus. 

I had not been at The Eugene Mission long and we were doing a painting project to repaint our day room for the guest.  We were putting some color on our institutional looking walls.  So a group comes in to paint and who is in that group, none other than Casey Martin.  He served for half that day trimming around the floor and doors.  The guy who is the golf coach of the Ducks, the pro golfer, Tiger's roomy, and he found time to hang at the mission and serve people that really didn't even know who he was.  And the greatest thing about it, was that he didn't tell them either.  It wasn't a PR stunt.  Casey loves Jesus and so he serves.

Sometimes I wonder what I would do with fame.  I can find myself getting frustrated over notoriety, even petty notoriety, like why can't I get followers on a blog.  But I'm encouraged to see guys like Casey whom God has gifted with talent and a platform, that are serving Jesus without flashing lights. 

I heard a guy talking last week about Casey's swing and how amazing it is.  The fact that his leg doesn't get in the way of his swing is hard for people to get.  But if you know Casey you get it.  What if our life was one great swing and the key is to not let any of our junk or fame get in the way of the swing.  We serve God because He is God.  Because Jesus rescued us.

Thanks to Casey for being an example to follow.


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