My Brother; My Hero

I know many of you are reading that heading and asking yourself, "Did I read that correctly?'
Absolutely.  Wade is one of the people who has and continues to make amazing impact on my life.  He has spoken the greatest truths I've ever needed to here and he's seen through all my bull crap when no one else could.  He has also loved me regardless of all my mistakes.

Still don't get it?
Let me explain.

  My brother and I were raised in church and both new Jesus from an early age, but my brother in high school and college was a marginal Christian.  Until he went to Mexico on a mission trip, and there, God wrecked him, in the most amazing of ways.  Since that time he has been one of the most amazing missionaries I have ever met.  He even married a missionary and together their life is fully about missions.  And even though my sister in law, Kerrie, gushes over my brother way too much, for the most part she is right about how amazing he is.

This last week was his birthday (Couldn't release until the news was out).  I was trying to figure out what to get the guy who has everything and I know more than anything he just wants to be on mission.  Wade and Kerrie have a trip planned to head to India.  They have been once and my brother, a pharmacist, does free medical help in a poverty stricken country.  The cost for them to go is right around $6,000.  Also, they are moving to Mexico next year.  I'm so excited for them (and a bit jealous).   They are going to the place where God has changed them and is using them to change it.  Sometimes the things God does are too beautiful to really figure out.  You just have to smile.  You've got to go read about this which you can do at Kerrie's Blog.

So for my brother's birthday I'm asking everyone to do two things.

1.  Pray for my brother and Kerrie.  Pray that God will blow them away with their financial needs being met.  Pray that God will grow them as they lean on him more and more.  Pray that they will feel loved and experience adventure and joy.  Pray that God will use them for His purpose and that the God would gain glory from their lives.

2..Quit making excuses for not living the adventure.  We can wait for God to write things in the clouds are we can chase God to crazy places and surrender our desire for comfort for our need for more and more of Jesus.  I'm so excited that my brother is becoming a missionary.  That he is not chasing a big house and the better job.  That he sees the world at large and not the one town he lives in.  There are people around the world who are waiting to experience the love of Christ and if in your gut you hurt when you hear about these people, then run to them, and serve them with all that you are.

I love you Bro.
I am proud of you.
I am humbled by you.


  1. Im seriously in tears. At work. Love you Q.

  2. This is way backwards. Bro, without your guidance and example I would hate to think where I might be. Your courage and faith to chase after Jesus was a powerful example to look to. Before this, I had only heard ministers talk of it, but never live it. Im so proud and thankful to be your brother. You're the hero.


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