Letters for December

I love you so much.  This weekend I hung out with some friends, but the whole time I missed my little girl.  Your personality is so amazing and more and more I feel like my partner in crime is growing up right in front of my eyes.  I know there is going to come a stage where I'm not nearly as cool as you think I am now, but I'll take the time I can get.  These are the things you've done the last few months that have encouraged me and taught me so much.

You are telling stories about Jesus.  You've told me how Jesus calmed the storms.  You've told me of baby Jesus who was so very special.  You've told me how people killed Jesus and how he came back to life.  You've told me how Jesus made everything.  You told me how Jesus loves us.

And I'm loving the chance to tell you more stories of Jesus.  Just know as you grow up that Jesus will write new stories in your life as well.  He has showed me much of love by just giving you to me and your mom.  Your special as well because you belong to God.

You are so strong willed and though at times that can be taxing I see the leader developing in you.  I cannot wait to the day I get to follow your lead on a project or ministry.  I asked you the other day what kind of adventure you want to go on and you said climb a snow mountain.  You are fearless.  Only fear God and you have nothing else to fear.

Today your taking swimming lessons.  It is high fifties outside and raining and while most people would be miserable I can see you loving it.  You constantly remind me that you and I like the cold.

One day you will be old enough to read these letters.  I hope they encourage you and bring smiles.

Love you,


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