Proverbs 11:11

Upright citizens bless a city and make it prosper, but he talk of the wicked tears it down.
Proverbs 11:11

I don’t know if we think about blessing our city near enough.  I’m enamored with it. And to be honest I used to be the opposite.  I was the guy who always griped about what the city wasn’t doing and how there wasn’t anything fun to do in the city and when I grow up I’m not living here.  That was me.  But it is funny how time, perspective, and scripture can help to change a man.  

A pastor at a conference I attended recently said we need to be critics less and students more.  It’s easy to criticize things we don’t like or agree with, but it’s not really a fair criticism until we know the subject.  When it comes to our city, we need to become students of it.  Do you know our city council?  Do you know our mayor?  Do you know the Parks and Rec director?  Have you listened to their ideas for what the future could hold?

If we are walking upright then we should become a blessing to our city.  People today are much better at profiling the problems than blessing.   But we can be a blessing and our character and creativity can be a catalyst for prospering our city.  

A couple of months after I moved back, I called to make an appointment with the Mayor.  I didn’t want to complain or ask about a political stance.  I came with an idea.  One I hoped could make our city better.  The Mayor didn’t brush me off or ask me if I could talk to his assistant or push a meeting back for two months.  He said come in.  And when I shared my ideas, he didn’t scoff or talk about all the reasons it couldn’t happen.  He said “if you can make it happen, it sounds great and we will support it.”  And he did.  

We can gripe about the condition of things in our city all day long and change nothing except haughtiness in our own heart or we can get our hands dirty using the gifts God has given us to impact our city.  The choice is ours.

A few months ago I had a personal issue that our family was going through.  When the Mayor heard about it, he gave me a call and offered help.  I am sure I don’t agree with Mayor Honea in every political or religious endeavor.  But I believe he cares for this city.  And though he didn’t have to, he cared for me.  

The people sitting in the big offices of the city aren’t untouchable giants.  They are people just like us who need to see followers of Christ living upright and blessing them.  I still don’t have all the answers for Albertville.  I’m sure I never will.  But I love Albertville and I want to see it blessed and prospering.  And as more people are drawn to it, let us show them Jesus.




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