I Love Community

If I had to say what I missed most about Oregon, it's an easy answer.


My wife Audrey and I are having to rebuild it in our lives.  And that's so much fun, but also a little sad at times.  Only because as your building community, you think about all the people who use to be part of it.  During our four years in Oregon there became a group of people who knew they were absolutely cleared to drop by anytime and when they did we were happy and our family was better for it.  The cool neighbors that we built friendships with.  There was duck fans, parents of three daughters just like ours, a guy who wore a kilt, and a family that ran a restaurant in the back of their house.  These people were all amazing in their own way and enriched the lives of the Williams clan so much.  We miss them.  We miss the people who had became so close that we could not wait for the next excuse to just sit and talk together.  It really was something special.

It hasn't seemed like this type of relationship is as important here.  That could be southern culture or small town living or a combination of both.  It seems like many people get off work and just lock in for the night.  Eat dinner with the family.  Watch some tv.  get the kids ready for bed.  Watch some more tv.  And then hit the sack.

Honestly, I don't think people mean to settle for this, I just don't know if they've experienced any different.  Audrey and I really made a concerted effort this last week to engage community connection with people this last week and it was great.  We had dinners with old and new friends that led into conversations reaching into the wee hours of the night.  We had neighbors walk over and catch lighting bugs with us.  One of Audrey's good friends ate and hung out with us and we talked about hard things and light things.  I spent some time with two brothers from church and we just laughed and goofed off with each other.

I don't think people are trying to keep community out of their lives.  It's just that they haven't experienced it in it best form.  True community happens when you are connected with someone with out pressure.  It's knowing you can be yourself and the people around you won't disregard you.  The pressure that people feel causes them to watch primetime instead of hanging with neighbors.  The television show will never as anything from you and will never cast judgement on you.  People are messy and they do come with messes.  But it's when we realize someone's mess is part of our story that we begin to see the amazing beauty of community.  I'm so excited to walk with in community with the amazing people God is connecting us with.

Every person who walks through our doors changes my families story.  And I believe that the best stories are full of amazing characters.  If you are the only character in your story start looking around.  They are so many people that are longing for connection.  Don't walk alone.


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