Poured Out Like Water

Recently I went hiking with my good friend Jeff Tennant.  We decided to take the day and head up to Black Butte in central Oregon.  It was an amazing trip, but it ended up being a little longer and a little tougher than I had read.  Aka, I'm out of shape and getting older.  A little ways into the trail I had to stop and take a break.  Leaning against the tree, out of breath, the thought came to mind, "What if this trip took all of me?"

I started back hiking, but the whole time I began thinking about where my life has taken me.  The places I've been and things I've been a part of seem unbelievable.  My mind went back to the first trip I took to New Orleans during Mardi Gras.  A youth minister friend of mine had invited me to go, but the night before I was going to leave I had a dream that someone stabbed my on the streets and I died.  The next day I was really emotional.  But I went.  I wasn't stabbed and obviously I didn't die.  God changed me in that decision to go.  I gave up some part of my will and the lip service of my life being about him was put to the test.

These thoughts were circling as I reached the end of the tree line and began to see out over the mountains.  You could see for miles.  You could see Bachelor, Three Sisters, and Broken Finger and as we rounded the bend you could see Washington, Jefferson, and Hood.  It was amazing.  It made God feel so big in that moment and me walking on that two foot path felt so very small.

I'm so small.

At the top of the mountain I sat and it was hard to not feel God in the wind that was whipping around us so hard.  As the wind blew and I looked over all the beauty I felt overwhelmed and humbled.  I'm so small, but part of such a huge story.  And the God who made the mountains made my heart.  He salvaged my life.  He loved this broken man.

All of life is this hike in the middle of God's huge story.  It's so beautiful and if we will turn whatever time we have over to him, I promise, it will be amazing.  Maybe not amazing like the movies, but full of wonder and love and purpose.  And the God who makes all this is waiting for us.  When our cup is empty we get to sit with him.  New beauties await.


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