Church on the Courts

Yesterday was an amazing day of church.

I hesitate using that word "church", because it automatically conveys sitting in some seats and singing or listening to someone teach.  And while this is church, it is only a piece of the church.  In fact,  we are the church.  So let me rephrase.

Yesterday was an amazing day to be the church.

It started out downtown listening to Mitch Lee teach God's word.  He is an awesome pastor who just moved into the area and is Kingdom minded.  A real breath of fresh air.  Here is Mitch and two of his kids.  Awesome folks.

Then I got to teach out of James chapter 1 at The Beautiful Mess followed with Open Mic Night.  It was great hearing all the different talents being shared.  The church is so beautiful and diverse and talented.

I left a little early with all intention of heading home, but I couldn't keep myself from going by the basketball under the courts to see if any of the guys we've been building relationships were playing.  They were and there were about 15 guys running a game.  I decided to go down and just touch base.  The coolest thing happened.  They invited me in to play.

And for the next hour and a  half we commune together.  The language was harsh and direct.  The ball was our constant connector.  Encouragement poured out after great shots.  But in the middle of it all was this amazing community.

I love hanging out with the guys under the bridge.

For the most part, the guys under the bridge aren't believers yet.  But I love them and I hope they see it and feel it.


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