A Special Place

About 12 years ago I found myself stepping into Mexico and falling in love with the people there.  A few years in the group I was working with decided to check out a new location.  Roy, who narrates the video, was with us.  We were all broken and immediately in love with the people.  We looked upon shacks made our of pallet wood and knew that there could be more.  That group decided that day that we would do all we could to show God's love to those people and to help their living conditions.  Today there have been over 100 houses built for families, a school, a church, and a safe house.  Groups still go throughout the year to spend time with people who have become like family to them.  It is amazing.  I miss it.  Since moving to Oregon to do mission work here in Eugene, I've not been able to go back.  I think this will change soon as my brother and his wife are moving down there this coming year.  Yep, they met both doing mission work there and now God has called them there to be planted as full time missionaries.  I'm so excited.


  1. :) I love this. And I can't WAIT for you and the whole fam to make it down again!


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