Two Amazing Miracles of God

So in the last few weeks I've got to wee two amazing miracles of God.  The first is Crater Lake.  I know it's not your traditional idea of a miracle, but the fact that a volcano blew up and left amazing beauty  in its stead is amazing.  It makes me think that sometimes in our life when things seem like they are erupting into chaos that God maybe taking us through a refining process.  And what is left after the explosion can be beautiful.

The other miracle is that my friend Derrick and Thania got married.  The miracle is not that Derrick found someone (I know some of you guys were thinking it), but that God brings people together that two years before were living thousands of miles apart.  God writes beautiful stories full of mystery and awe.  Enjoy a couple of pics of the guys preparing for the ceremony.

Derrick, I'm proud of you.

Added bonus is a pic of my daughter Journey.  This is how she would end everyday looking if it was all up to her.  Reminds how that even when we are struggling and life gets dirty that we can still shine.


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