The Emanuels Are Here...Booyah

So I'm super excited.  I love when God sends people here to Eugene to join us on our journey.  Sometimes it's for a week and sometimes a year and sometimes longer.  Hence the Emanuels.  Me and Erik began talking years ago about being involved in church planting together and now it's happening.  So here is the back story.

Erick was on staff at Lifepoint, a church I was one of the plant pastors at.  We dreamed about church plants (especially in Ireland) for months.  I came out to Eugene to start planning and implementing The Crash idea.  He saved up money, found a job, and came out a year later.


With what has been going on with The Crash and the planting of The Beautiful Mess this has been such a blessing.  This is the first family other than us who have made the jump into The Crash.  They bring so much gifting and passion to the table.  I can't wait to see how God is going to use them here in Eugene.  Just this morning me and Erik had an amazing meeting with a local pastor who is wanting his faith community and The Beautiful Mess to look at teaming up.

We're stoked.  The team up would be looking at sending lunches home with kids under the poverty line on weekends, making sure they have good nutritious food.  We are going to begin targeting two schools and 10,000 meals.  The system set up lets us take one day and package all 10,000 meals and vacuum seal them. We get to invite the community to join us on the journey of serving.  Great way to build relationship.

What to pray for?  That God would give us favor with the schools and that we would raise some money.  We need about $5000 more dollars to reach our target.

I'm amazed that God keeps giving us opportunity to serve this community and spread His love.  All for His glory.


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