Marriage Letters: Outside Influences

 Join me and my wife, Audrey along with Amber @ The Run a Muck, as we write our marriage letters to shine light on the joy and truth of marriage, along with the struggles.  Marriage is worth fighting for.


I hate that there are outside influences that affect us.  I hate more the fact that I let them.  When bills pile up, no matter how much you try to balance me, I get off kilter.  I try to figure out how to fix everything, while the whole time you are reminding me to just trust God and enjoy the day.  You are so grounded.  In many ways you anchor our lives through all the craziness I seem to drag us through.

After money it feels like everything else just falls under business.  This meeting and then that meeting and then so and so needs some help.  I want to do a better job of just relaxing with you.

You know what I love.  That we got a small table for our backyard with two chairs.  I've enjoyed the recent times this week when we find ourselves sitting at that table as our girls play in the backyard.  We talk and laugh and dream.  And we let the outside influences slip away, even if it is just for a little bit.  I think I'm in love with that table, because you are the one who is sitting across from it.

I think we will look back at our life like that table.  We got to sit together while the world moved around us.  And no matter how crazy there is always two chairs in our lives and we know who is sitting beside us.  This makes me smile.  I love you and I'm excited to watch all our kids with you in the years to come.



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