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I've got to start writing again.  Even if no one sees it.  It is an enormous release and relaxer for me. So I'm going to try to end the days with some meaningful or gleeful or totally abstract words that if you read may or may not make an impact.  But they will be mine.

I'm not going to jump back in with some long expose.  Let's keep it light.

Top 3 and Bottom 1 of the day.

1.  Deci and Sinatra:  My daughter is studying Frank Sinatra for a project at school.  I can't tell you how happy this makes me.  I didn't discover Sinatra until after high school.  But Old Blue Eyes is timeless.  She actually said to me today that "Fly me to the Moon" was her favorite.  Makes a dad smile.

2.  Mike at Bible Study:  There is a guy who goes to church with us named Mike and he is an amazing blessing.  He zips in sometime during the week to check the baptistry.  See if it needs drained and cleaned or some chlorine or whatever magic potion he has in that bottle.  It's his personal ministry and every time he comes in the church he is so encouraging.  He is smiling.  He laughs.  He encourages.  He says, "you young guys are doing an amazing job" even when were struggling.  He is blue collar.  He works hard.  He drives an old truck.  You probably wouldn't notice him at Walmart.  But he is so Jesus when he walks in to a place.

 This morning he came to Todd Oldham's mens Bible study (6am on Wednesdays, you should come) and it was so refreshing.  So down to earth.  He said when you've walked with Jesus long enough you kind of just know He is up to something.  Isn't that good.  Jesus is up to something.  I believe that too.  It's hard some days, but when I can get real still and focus on good things and God things I crack a smile.  Because Jesus is up to something.

3.  The Grizzly Barry:  This morning I got to be on WQSB and talk to Barry and Mary (Thanks for letting me have your seat Al).  We were talking about this Saturday Lucha Libre wresting in Graham Park.  I love hanging out with them.  I told Barry he should wrestle and gave him the amazing for-mentioned nickname.  I'm excited about Saturdays event and here is why.  I'm tired of the racism that exist in people.  Especially people who say they follow Jesus.

I hope Saturday that whites and hispanics are sitting together in community.  I know it's one event, but we have to start somewhere.  I know the government has to figure out immigration.  I just want to figure out how to love someone and let them see Jesus in me.  We will go on mission trips to share Jesus, but when people come here we gripe.  That's being a tourist, not a missionary.  I know...I know..."what if they are breaking the law Quinton?"  I believe in following the law.  Galatians 5:14 says, "For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: Love your neighbor as yourself."

Bottom 1

1. Pneumonia and James Gordon:  I've been fighting walking pneumonia for the last week.  It is no fun.  So I spent a day and a half in the bed resting.  During this time I watched Netflix.  Started Gotham season 2 and in the very first episode James Gordon breaks the law.  You let me down Gordy.  Expected more from you.  You can already tell it's going to come back and bite him in the rear end.  I guess sometimes it's even hard for the good guys to do the right things.  I'm hoping he redeems it somehow.

That's what keeps me going too.  Even people who are racist and breaking the law of God can be redeemed and can change.  And even the best of people struggle sometimes.  So let's pray for each other that we would live up to our potential and have the character of Christ.  Even though things look dark a buddy of mine told me that "Jesus is up to something".  I tend to believe him.

Do yourself a favor.  Before bed tonight listen to some Sinatra.  Your welcome.

Still Crashing,


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