21 Days

So I'm a little nervous to really type this.  It's because I know if I just keep saying it in my head I won't every have to really follow through with it.  I can just keep saying, "Oh, I'll start that tomorrow" or "I'll get back at it after the weekend".

But I don't.

One of the hardest things for me being back in Alabama is the battle to eat healthy foods.  It's not that you can't find them here in Albertville.  You can.  They are just not the movement they quite were in Eugene.

We actually had the ability to get healthy fast food in Eugene.  That actually tasted good.  They used Kale and sprouts and other weedy foods to spruce up and fill in where oil plays main stage on most of our southern foods.  And I'm not blaming the food.  It's my choice.  To be honest, I've just been lazy when it comes to this part of my life right now.  In Eugene it was the cool thing to do.  Eating all my cool health foods, but here there is little motivation other than the fact that I want to be the best me for God's glory.  Which kind of should be the main point, right.

So here is the deal.  For 21 days I'm doing 2 things.  Eating simply and praying hard.  I'm going to take 21 days to eat simple foods and them I'm going to get the focus off me and pray for 21 different things that I believe could make an impact in this world.  People, organizations, and friends.  I want to pray on how I'm to be involved with these people and works and how I can bless them.

So I'm not really anybody special.  I'm just Q.  But if you want to join me on this journey for 21 days I would love to have you along.  I'm going to create a GroupMe group and add anyone who wants to be in it and for the 21 days we can encourage each other and pray together.

It really is a simple thing, but most amazing things start out very simply.

Here's the food we will be eating for 21 days.
Chicken (non breaded)
vegetables (non breaded)
raw fruit

Enjoy.  And if you join the journey, Godspeed.


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