Actually Crashing

So I've been riding my bike a lot lately.  This is mainly thanks to a group of my friends and family who got me a bike for my 33rd birthday.  It is an awesome Specialized hybrid bike.  I ride it all I can.  I love it.  It sleeps beside me.  Okay, not really. 

At the end of a stressful week last week I decided to take an evening ride.  I had actually decided to ride as far North as possible (until it got to dark) and then call someone to come pick me up.  So I'm heading North on a busy road and I decide to swing up onto the sidewalk to avoid a storm drain.  Next thing I know I'm bleeding from my right arm and knee.  In reflection here are the thoughts and lessons learned from this experience.

1.  Alec Woodward is awesome.  He came over and fixed my bike.  Not the best part.  He has anything I would need to clean out the wounds and bandaged up.  He had a whole truck full of fix Quinton's bike wreck supplies.  The detail gifting that God has given him is crazy.  I'm a little jealous.

2.  I don't understand all prayers.  I decided to ride back and there happen to be this festival happening in the park by the bike trail, actually a Christian Festival.  Some people came over and asked if I wanted prayer for my injuries.  I said yes please.  The prayer was the my wounds would heal in half the regular time.  I agreed, because that sounded good to me.  As I got back on my bike, I pondered, "why not a third of the time."  Which led me to realize, I don't understand all prayers.

3.  I don't understand all Christians (or folks who claim to be Christians.  Not for me to decide.).  Also on my ride a guy was holding a sign that said something about Jesus and not liking sinners.  You know the kind.  I stopped, because I had to and asked what church they belonged too.  The response was that there was only one church.  Boom, he got me.  Let me rephrase.  What local community of believers that is part of the church do you belong to.  After he gave some answer that was too long to remember he asked if we preached the true Gospel at the Eugene Mission.  I said every chance we get.  I left thinking how much I love the Gospel of Christ. 

4.  Bleeding and walking away from it is pretty exhilarating.  I felt like a tough guy and yes, I have been showing off my scars.  When we are on the front lines with Jesus we will bleed, but my scars are for His glory.  It's pretty exhilarating.

So lessons from physically crashing.  Bike is fine by the way.  Thought you should know since that was the first question my brother asked.  He loves me. 

Alec makes me wear a helmet now. 


  1. Haha Wade's got his priorities on track ;) but in all fairness, we assumed you were fine since you tweeted about it. The bike's fate was unknown.

  2. My first coherent question after my wreck in '99 was "How's my car?" Unfortunately, Alec didn't show up in his magic truck and fix my Camaro.

  3. Your willingness to bleed is inspiring. Bleeding is hard. The process is hard, but I am being taught that it's holy ground. It's where that peace that passes understanding is. Paul and I need a Skype date/FaceTime date with you and Audrey, please!

  4. Wade I don't think Alec could drive at that point or it might have happened.

    Kylee, let's make that happen.


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