I've Been Dreaming

So I should start by saying how much I've missed my family this last two weeks.  I cannot wait to see them tomorrow.  Can't wait to hold my wife and girls and laugh together.  It's been tough without them, but I pray that the memories my kids make with family in Alabama will be the stuff of legends and that one day their stories will be laced with the summer experiences.

In the mean time I've really tried to seek God out on what is happening and how and when and where and all that good stuff.  I really just wanted to ask God to make things clear to me.  He used some amazing people during my time alone to do that.  Erik Emmanuel came to visit and just talking through all the thoughts in my head and remembering the desire to really step out on a limb for God was so refreshing.  It made me realize the necessity of faith in all of this.  It helped me understand that it's not about the product, but the process.  The watching God do it all.  Then this last weekend Seth McGee stopped by and reminded me that it is all about the Gospel and who we are in that truth.  We are God's children.  The awesome, creator, powerful, amazing God's children.  That frames everything.

So here are some of the rough ideas that dreaming with God have produced over the last couple of weeks.

1.  The Crash will plant the church.  We who are believers are the church.  Not a building or an organization, but the people.  The Crash will commit to getting people to places in desperate need of the Gospel and redemption through Christ.

2.  The Beautiful Mess is a family.  We are made up of people who are in the family of God and not yet in the family.  We need to frame things in this context.  Sunday gatherings are fun times of teaching, but life on life together is where the big wins are.

3. I want to help start a school in Africa.  Not tomorrow, but sometime.  I feel like God has been working me over on this one.  So my question in my head has been, "What would it look like for The Crash to send 10 people to Africa to staff a school for 2 years?"  Last week met a lady who has land in Kenya and said she would give it to me.  Wow.

Thanks to God for always leading me and expanding me and humbling me and growing my faith.  Glory to God forever.


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