Top Ten Places To Visit Back In Bama

So my family is headed back home to Alabama to visit at the end of July.  Here is my list of places I must visit.

10. Jamoka's     In Oregon we have more coffee stops than gas stations.  That being said, if you breathe air, you drink coffee.  This fact alone make Jamoka's a no brainer.  Also, I've had some great conversations and moments in this coffee shop.  Come hang with us there.

9.  Mentone     This is the place where me and Audrey really began.  It is also one of the most beautiful spots in all of Alabama.  It holds it's own with the beauty spots in Oregon.  I've hiked here, swam under falls here, and seen amazing spiritual things happen.  I just want to breathe the air there once before I head back.

8.  Lifepoint     The first church plant I ever helped plant.  It reminds me what God can do with a dream, courage, and faith.  I get to teach here this Sunday which I'm so excited about, but I am even more excited to just worship with folks who dreamed this dream together.  Can't wait.

7.  La Orquedia     The best Mexican restaurant I have ever ate at.  Ever.  I will be eating a torta and as much guacamole as possible.  Probably drinking rice milk as well.  A must lunch stop.

6.  Mom's Table     The only place better to eat that La Orquedia, my mom's table.  I start salivating as I think about baked beans and fried green tomatoes.  This is one table that no matter what is served up you know you are going to be satisfied.  Plus, the greatest people are always sitting around it and love flows from them.  

5.  The Free Nation of Kevin     Kevin Stewart's mad land of existence.  This will probably take form in a huge group date with all the friends I love so much.  It is always more fun to enter the Free Nation of Kevin in a pack.  Huntsville, here we come.

4.  Any Swimming Spot     There are no warm swimming spots in Oregon, so if you have one please be texting my phone.  I want to swim in warm water at least once this year, you know, just because.

3.  John Brown's Fantasy Land     Or other wise known as Pawn Max.  Don't ask me why I love this place so much.  Maybe the people, maybe the guns, but I like it.  Great relationships were built here and all of life's problems were figured out.

2.  Nick's Poker Palace     This is where I use to get my spending money for the week and how I'm going to pay for my La Orquedia meal next week.  Now granted there are shady people there, but there is usually an amazing dessert being served.  Hope it's a full house.

1.  The Williams' Farm     This is the famous raising grounds of the Williams Brothers.  I can't wait to sleep in my old room and walk the ground that I ran across most of my life.  I love that my girls get to see where I grew up and play in the same fields.  Plus the owners are awesome and a treat to hang out with.

So there is my list.  See you guys soon in Alabama.  We'll party.


  1. i vote for a blogger meet up in dothan, haha :) have safe travels and a blast while you guys are home!


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