My Early Thirties (The Jesus Years)

For some reason I always had this idea that when I turned 30 years of age I would some how magically mature and start the quintessential ministry of my life.  This belief came from the fact that Jesus starts his ministry at 30.  I understand this is failed logic, but it always made me think at thirty I would be doing some of my most amazing ministry,  The natural draw for me was to imagine myself pastoring a large church or leading a huge ministry.  As of yet, that hasn't come to pass.  Consequently, the last two days have been some of the most amazing and fulfilling days of ministry I have had the opportunity to be a part of.

Yesterday I took a group of guys from the mission out for coffee.  We just hung out and talked about life and shared where we were struggling with each other.  It was an amazing time of communion with guys who don't have homes at the time, but are in every other way so much like me.  Today an organization called HelpPhoto came in and gave free photo shoots to all the guys at the mission.  I got to hang out with men, women, and children as they were pampered and made ready for pictures.  The joy that surrounded the place was amazing.  Though these folks are without a home and life's circumstances seem limited they exhibited such joy. And I was honored to get to be part of that today.  Add on top of that the fact that we had a bunch of new bike tires and tubes donated today.  My friend and fellow crash member, Alec Woodward, came by and has planned a day to change out tires on all the people's bikes who need them.  Amazing stuff.

The church plant stuff is taking form and I know God is bringing it to fruition.  The surprising thing to me though is how great the ministry is that God has given me with the homeless of Eugene.  It is no wonder Jesus spent so much time on the streets.  The people are wonderful.


  1. Ive observed that the less you have the more accessible joy seems to be. Like joy being in your front pocket instead of packed away in a suitcase in the belly of airplane.


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