Jonah's Plant and my battle with comfort

Last night I went to a great college worship service at the University of Oregon.  Campus is beautiful by the way.  The guy speaking was teaching through the book of Jonah and last night covered teh last chapter.  I have always loved this story in the Bible, but for the most part have focused on the whole fish episode.  Last night it was all about Jonah's plant.  Jonah is pouting at the edge of the city and God causes a plant to grow up that provides shade and protection for Jonah.  While Jonah is sleeping God does away with the plant.  At this Jonah is irrate and for the thrid time in the chaper ask God just to kill him.  He can't believe God would take away the one thing that was comforting him.  It was his shade and protection and God had to go and ruin it.  It was a total crime against humanity.

But then God questions.  See Jonah had just got finished being mad because God showed mercy to a city of people who Jonah did not like and did not care about.  And here is where it hit me...Jonah cared more about his comfort than the perishing people in the city.  The encouraging part of this is that God shows Jonah his mistake.  I am beginning to see mine.  Our comfort may not be plants.  They may be monetary accounts or relationships or locations or jobs or ministries or ideas or plans or degrees or hobbies or feelings.  Do we care more about these than the people who are dying without knowing God.  I see myself in Jonah and I am so embarrassed that the plant of my head gets so much of my time and interest.  As I am here in Eugene it is very evident that there is a city here who does not know God.  I want to love them more than the comforts of my life.  I pray God would show me object lessons to teach me to have the same compassion and love that he has for his people.


  1. Thank you. We rest in our comfort and praise God for it while His heart breaks every second of every day.


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